Somersault the game
The award winning game is coming to the iPhone in February 2010!

Somersault coming February 2010!!

Hi all,

we are still in the production process for Somersault. After we put a lot of effort in it we can tell that Somersault for the iPhone will not just be a simple port but a whole new game!

We improved all graphics as well as the game play! You will encounter new levels and characters that have not been in the PC/Mac version! Our aim is to produce a high class game using all the possibilities the iPhone offers!

We also redesigned the game character and gave him a new name – the name of a hero!
Meet our new hero, FLIP FULLFEATHER!


Somersault will have 19 leveles in 6 different worlds with unique designs!

Here you can see some in game images as well as our three preview trailers:

The nature world:


the crystal world:


the sweets world:


and the sea world:


Our trailers:

We would love to hear your impression, opinions and/or feedback!

We started a facebook group for all those who are interested in Somersault and the story of Flip Fullfeather. Please join our group and become an official fan of Somersault 😀


The Enter-Brain-Ment team


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