Somersault the game
The award winning game is coming to the iPhone in February 2010!

Enter-Brain-Ment insight


we would like to show you our office and how we produce new innovative ass kicking games.

This is our team brooding about new game ideas in our recreation area equipped with an XBox 360 and a Wii.


From left to right:
Ben (Pixel Genius & Texture Monkey)
Katy (3D Artist & Project Monkey & Founder)
Karsten (Online Marketing Monkey)
Claudius (3D Artist & Lighting Monkey)
Sascha (3D & Game Monkey & Founder)

Alex our software engineer and Fabian our sound artist will follow soon… They are really shy and we didn’t manage to catch them so far…

If thinking doesn’t work, we usually summon an awesome idea from the depths of demon realms which looks more or less like this…


…and go directly into our office located in the center of Berlin.


Thats it folks. If you want to know something about our team, philosophy, work style or favorite food feel free to contact us


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